Shift Beliefs From Survival To Thrival

Survival skills are great to have when lost in the wilderness; they can save your life. But, when living day in and day out with this attitude, life is hard and filled with struggle. There is a better way. There is a way that brings satisfaction and joy to the life being lived.

Thrival is all about this other way. Thriving is the result of seeing past the what is, the illusion or projection of what you’ve already thought, felt, done, believed into form. Thriving results when you release everything that you are not and stand fully in Consciousness as Consciousness in form.

Everything that you have experienced has been experienced already. What keeps it in your life is the energy you share with it. You share energy with your thinking, feeling, believing and reacting to something that you don’t even want. Sounds a bit silly, right?

While it is silly, most humans live this way their whole lives never coming into wisdom of why and how life keeps showing up that way. In order to experience something new you must be willing to release everything that keeps your creations the way they are. Shifting your beliefs is the process of working through the programs that are being played out day in and day out and allowing them to be released so that a better program can be installed and run bringing about different results.

Think of it this way. When you had Windows 7 on your computer that was the only operating system you had access to. In order to access a different program like Windows 8, that must be installed. No matter how much you want to use Windows 8 you will never be able to until it’s installed on the computer. Beliefs are like that operating system. Only the beliefs that are running will be reflected in your life as situations to be interacted with.

To change your inner operating system here are a few easy to do steps. Begin by asking if the belief is even true. Where did it come from? What are you basing it on? Once you establish that it never even originated from within you as wisdom, begin letting it go. Each time you experience it reflect that it is not true. Look for the truth in the situation. Begin with remembering that you are powerful beyond measure and you are the common denominator that brings everything into your life. Follow these few steps for two weeks and watch as your life begins to reflect what you are now seeing as truth.

Source by Donna Devane

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